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All the little guys

by | Jul 14, 2021 | News Summary | 0 comments

If you’re involved in the sugar market you’re probably keeping a keen eye on the situation in Brazil, India and Thailand. These big players are definitely market movers! 

But what about all the “little guys,” the “smaller” countries that can still play an important role in the grander scheme of things? 

Some countries, like Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam and many more can have unexpected ripple effects on the world market. Yet, you see very little coverage in English media. There’s often plenty in local media, on the other hand. 

That’s why, at ECRUU, we monitor closely local media in local languages. That way, we make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Don’t have time to keep an eye on the little guys? No worries, that‘s exactly what we do. 
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