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ECRUU… How do you even pronounce it?

by | Jul 14, 2021 | News Summary | 0 comments

One question that people keep asking us is: How do you pronounce ECRUU? 

Is it E.C.R.U.U?

Is it ee-kroo?

Is it ey-kr-you?

And then there are those who just avoid mentioning our company name. If I hadn’t been the one to create ECRUU, I’d most likely fall in that last category because, if you don’t know, why go there?

At ECRUU, we pronounce it “ee-kroo” but the real answer is that you can pronounce it however you want to. We love that conversation starter! 

The real question, then, is why ECRUU? 

If you google it, you’ll find that Ecru is a town in Mississippi. But you’ll also find that ecru is the natural colour of linen and silk. It comes from the French word “écru” which refers to something that has not been processed or bleached.  

Before I started ECRUU, I worked as a sugar and biofuels analyst writing market reports for Kingsman (now part of S&P Global Platts). I spent a big part of my day talking to market participants and the other part looking for and analysing news. 

That’s why I know that you, as a market participant, need easy access to news to help you make informed decisions. I also know – because I’ve been there myself – that you want easy-to-digest access to the news in as close as possible to their original form so that you can do your own analysis. 

You want the news content unprocessed, or, in other words, écru. That way, you can do what you need to do with it. 

It’s ecru for you → ECRU for U → ECRUU. Now you have it! 

This is what ECRUU is about. ECRUU is the solution to the questions: 

How can I stay on top of all the sugar-ethanol news? 

How can I make sure I have access to the original content of the news I do need? 

Why don’t you try out our services to see whether that’s what you need?

You can download a sample report here or get a 1-week free trial here

Take care, 

Charlotte Kingsman

Co-founder, ECRUU




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